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Music News: Nashville
Lydia Brownfield & the Jagged Hearts - Ghosts & Lovers

By Rick Moore
A year and a half ago I wrote about Lydia Brownfield’s album Wanting’s for Sinners, which was a fine album. But it pales in comparison to her new release, Ghosts & Lovers. While her last album saw her projecting Tori Amos or Aimee Mann (at least a little bit), this new album finds her in territory that suits her much better. Imagine a grown-up Exene Cervenka meeting an edgier and less ambiguous Stevie Nicks, with some McCartney melodicism and Pete Townshend angst thrown in, and you’ve got Lydia Brownfield and the material on this album. In other words, she’s someone who obviously listened to some of the best, and the least tolerant of establishment bullshit, FM radio music of the ‘70s. And she comes out sounding like her own woman. Read more...

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Columbus Alive
Sensory Overload: Singer/songwriter Lydia Brownfield takes life’s numerous injustices in stride

From the January 16, 2014 edition

As a part of Lydia Brownfield’s New Year’s resolution, she gave up pizza, so it was an odd bit of torture for the singer-songwriter when she headlined a show at Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza on a recent Tuesday. Read more...

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Music News Nashville
Lydia Brownfield – Wanting’s for Sinners

Posted on September 10, 2013 by Rick Moore

On Lydia Brownfield’s fine new album Wanting’s For Sinners, any number of female pop/alternative vocalists of the past 30 years come to mind. Aimee Mann, Tori Amos, maybe even a more melodic Debbie Harry all show up in her vocal, more

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