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Lydia Brownfield and Jagged Hearts play the best of Brownfield's more rocking songs and some covers to round out the set, making a great, energetic live show! FEATURES: Billy Zenn - bass, Jeff Dalrymple - electric guitar, Frank Lapinski - drums, and Joy Hall - vocals.


Jeff Dalrymple

Multi-instrumentalist, Jeff Dalrymple, has played guitar ever since listening to his brother's friend play Stairway to Heaven which it turns out has been most of his life. A melody lover, Jeff has written many instrumentals and one or two have even found their way onto radio and television. In addition to guitar/vocal duties with the Jagged Hearts he also co-writes with Lydia in an instrumental duo called ebb music.


Billy Zenn

At age 7, bassist Billy Zenn stepped onstage for the first time---as a ventriloquist! Countless talent shows, Lions Clubs and chicken dinners later, Billy and his dummy had become the precocious darlings of the service lodge circuit, until that fateful Sunday when The Beatles arrived on the Ed Sullivan Show: Billy’s career as a variety performer was over in an instant---replaced by an electric guitar and a passion to rock---and he never looked back. These days, he divides his time between producing, performing and hosting two well-known, weekly open mics.


Frank Lapinski

Drummer, vocalist, and attention whore Frank Lapinski can be seen on stage wherever stages are seen. When not flicking the skins for Lydia Brownfield and the Jagged Hearts, he can be seen with Paisha Thomas and TWEO. Off nights are spent subbing for other local acts, insinuating himself into jam sessions or bum rushing the stage at open mics. The man needs help.


Joy Hall

Back-up vocalist, Joy Hall, has been singing with Lydia since 2008! Like many vocalists, Joy started singing in church choirs at a very young age, performing her first solo in front of the congregation at age 12. From there her musical evolution continued, and after a varied landscape of venues, Joy now sings in (primarily) bars. She is a large supporter of local music, and boasts that her car is cluttered with CDs from Columbus-area artists. Offstage Joy is a self-employed marketing consultant/writer, lives with her husband Brian and their high-maintenance cat, and enjoys fixing things around the house.